The introduction to the calendar of many shows characterized the period from 1951 to 1980.
June 1951:for the first time he presented in Florence, five creations on the park of the Villa of the Marchese Giovanbattista Giorgini, in occasion of the first presentation of Italian fashion, rising great interest for his creativity and originality.
1951/1960: show at the “Sala Bianca” of the Palazzo Pitti Museum in Florence.
1960/1968: show in Paris on the calendar of the Chambre Syndacale de la Mode.
1968/1980: show in Rome on the calendar of the National Chamber of Fashion.
His collections are also presented in other cities, in important collective manifestations:
September 1952 Amsterdam Hotel Victoria, the only protagonist
February 1956 St. Moritz Hotel Carlton
August 1956 U.S.A. tournée in 14 cities
October 1957 Kiev and Leningrado in the Soviet Union U.R.S.S for the first time to represent Italian fashion along with other colleagues.
February 1958 Punta del Este
September 1962 Moscow
February 1971 Zagreb
February 1972 Praetoria and Johannesburg
February 1993 Dubai a show with a collection of Bulgari jewels