1968: cooperates with the director Pier Paolo Pasolini on the film “Teorema” and makes the dresses for Silvana Mangano and Terence Stamp; this for Capucci is a very significant experience and thus he decides not to work for other directors.
1986: or the first time he approaches the theatre called by the Ente Lirico Arena of Verona for the event “Omaggio alla Callas”. He designs and creates priestess costumes of the “Norma” of Vicenzo Bellini and costumes for the solo dancers Carla Fracci and Jorge Jancu. Some of these costumes were donated to Italian and foreign museums:
Munchner StadtMuseum, Munich
Victoria and Albert Museum, London
Theatre Museum Covent Garden, Milan
Museum of the Castello Sforzesco, Florence
Galleria del Costume Palazzo Pitti Museum, Venice
Archives of the Biennale, Verona
Archive of the Lyric Theatre, the Arena of Verona
1995: he was invited by the Minister of Foreign Trade of the People's Republic of China, Ms. Wu Yi, to hold creativity lessons at the University of Peking, Xi’an and Shanghai. He was conferred the “Honorary Professor of the University of Peking” honour.
1996: the Laboratory for “Fashion Analysis” of the Department of General Psychology of the “University of Padua” performs an educational and popular research on the artworks of Capucci. A publication is made from the title “Fashion and Art- Involvements ahead Roberto Capucci’s work” - Publisher Piazza - Turin.
2002: at the “San Carlo Theatre” of Naples, the soprano June Anderson interprets the Opera “Caprice” by Richard Strass; on request by the Superintendent of Theatre Gioacchino Lanza Tomasi, Capucci makes a costume of taffetas plissé in nine tones of red on the first act and a costume of taffetas and lamé in nine shades, from yellow to gold on the second act.
2008: The Fondazione Sandretto Re Rebaudengo of Turin dedicates to the Maestro the meeting “Roberto Capucci. From Art to Art”.

2011: “I professionisti della moda”  Capucci returns at the University of Rome “La Sapienza” after his Degree ‘Honoris Causa’ in Industrial Design, received in October 2007 by the Faculty of Architecture “Ludovico Quaroni” University “La Sapienza”. On March 31, a conference was organized by Sofia Gnoli and Roberto Mascilongo dedicated to the creative universe of Roberto Capucci: the Maestro, present in the lecture hall to meet the students of the Science of Fashion and Costume of the Faculty of Letters and Philosophy of the University of Rome “La Sapienza”, speaking of his unique style, shapes, color and of volumes shaped like sculptures and inventions such as the paradigmatic ‘Box line’.