The Mission
established on September 15, 2005 with the Associazione Civita - which has the mission to promote the Italian cultural patrimony. The Foundation is aimed at preserving and promoting the knowledge of the work of Roberto Capucci
The Vision
to re-launch Italian tradition of refinement, style and passion for beauty
to recover the identity and top antiques crafts
reaffirm the supremacy of quality and the importance of experimentation in fashion
The Value
to encourage new innovative ideas
to pick out new creative artists and encourage the growth of their artwork
develop the sector of the work applied to objects that are used where the shape, material and manual ability are the essence
The patrimony
a memory put together in an Archive that started in 1951 and that is constantly updated

500 creations
500 illustrations
20.000 sketches
20 model books
150 audio-visuals
50.000 press articles
50.000 photographs

Unique Archive information
Usable and can be consulted by persons dedicated to the sector, fashion and costume history scholars and experts on the style and costumes of the past fifty years
The thoughts of the founder
Roberto Capucci renews his message to defend beauty
re-launches his challenge for a new stage
the Foundation is a meeting place and a place to exchange ideas among various artistic disciplines, a platform to be used for the selection of talented people with his imprimatur
The meaning of the centre
lucid and intransigent inventor, considered the messenger of creativity in world, every place it’s his place, the habitat of the Foundation is the sum of new elements and history that characterizes the “Capucci method”
The members of the counsel
believe in it and form part of this project

Chairman-Founder and Partner Founder
Roberto Capucci and Associazione Civita

Partner Founder
Civita Association

Honorary Chairman
Gianni Letta
Associazione Civita Chairman

Vice Chairman
Sylvia Ferino Pagden
Curator of the Italian Renaissance Kunsthistorisches Museum of Vienna

Vice Chairman
Carlo Bertelli
History Professor of Medieval Renaissance Art – Academy of Medrisio
University of Canton Ticino

Promoters Commitee
Centro di Firenze per la Moda Italiana
Fondazione Museo del Tessuto di Prato
Fondazione Edoardo Garrone
Fundaci˛n Santander

General Director and Curator of the Archive
Enrico Minio Capucci