New course
A taste and desire for pure search accentuate upon him, he senses the need for independence and aspiration to create with total freedom.
1980: going apart from organizations and from fashion institutions, he decides to present every time in a different city, «The City» said Roberto Capucci that «will be ready to welcome me».

His stages:
Milan, October 1982 - Palazzo Visconti, Foundation of Carlo Erba
Tokyo November 1983 - Sumitomo Corporation
Paris January 1984 - the Italian Embassy
New York May 1985 - Army National Guard Armory
Rome January 1987 - Museum of the Palazzo Venezia
Rome January 1989 - Galleria Nazionale di Arte Moderna
Munich March 1989 - Madame Fashion Show
Berlin November 1992 - Schauspielhaus, with the soloists of the Kammerensemble des Berliner Simphonie
Vienna April 1994 - Schoenbrunn Castle
Graz April 1994 - Eggenberg Castle.

Peking February 1995: the Minister for Foreign Trade Ms. Wu Yi , invited Roberto Capucci to present a fashion show of sixty dresses to the High Members of the Chinese Government in occasion of the first edition of the international  event "the Marco Polo Way".
1996: the Laboratory of Fashion analysis of the Department of Psychology of the “University of Padova” has undertaken a research on Capucci's work that is published by the Turin's Publisher Piazza under the title “Fashion and Art”. The book is used for educational purposes and widely distributed.
2000: on September 21, he presents sculpture dresses along with antique Indian costumes in an evening for charity, organized by the Indian Embassy in Rome, to favour the women of Andhra Pradesh.