Awards and honours were awarded to him during the years, by institutions, the media, by museums and by entities where he made donations.
1954 Naples - 'Festival della Moda e del Tessile Italiano' - Honour Diploma of the “Ente Autonomo Mostra d’Oltremare”
1955 Turin - 'IX Presentation of Italian High Fashion' - Honour Medal of the “Ente Italiano della Moda nell’Abbigliamento"
1956 Venice - 'Contemporary Costume Fashion' - Medal of Gold of Venice by the organizers of the “Prima Rassegna Internazionale dell’Abbigliamento"
1958 Boston - La 'Filene's di Boston', top ranked department chain store in all of North America, gives out an award every year for the best style creators of the world. The international press called this award the “Oscar for Fashion”; in 1958 Roberto Capucci was given this award for his “Box Line”.
1961 Milan - Critics Award - Italian fashion journalists awarded him for his “Box Line”
1973 Capri - 'Maremoda Capri' - the international press awarded him with the Golden Tiberius award

2001 Venice - February l0th 200l. He is awarded, on the occasion of the opening of the exhibition "Roberto Capucci - Creatività al di là del tempo", the Meryl Award.
1991 Wien - Roberto Capucci was nominated Honorary Partner of the “Kunstlerhaus - Society of Figurative Arts of Austria” and the honour was conferred for his work on design, this was already conferred to Mirò, Tapies and Mondrian.
1994 Milan - the Academic title of Brera was conferred to him by the “Brera Academy of Arts”
1995 Peking - “Clothing and Textile Department” He was conferred the Honorary Professor honour by the Magnificent Rector of the “University of Peking”
1998 Ravello - “School of Specialization of Organizational Science”. He was conferred in recognition of the Creative Production, given every year to top scholars and entrepreneurs that are distinguished for their creativity.
2002 Rome -June 1st, the President of the Italian Republic, Carlo Azeglio Ciampi confers Roberto Capucci the Cavaliere di Gran Croce honour.

2007 Florence - In March he is awarded with the medal of "Academico d'Onore" from the Beaux Arts Accademy of Florence.

2007 Rome - The Ministero dell'Università e della Ricerca confirms the assignation of a honorary degree to Roberto Capucci. The University of Rome “La Sapienza” Faculty of Architecture “Ludovico Quaroni” conferred on him the first Laurea Honoris Causa in Design.

2010 Florence - He is nominated Honorary Partner of the ADI National Association for the Industrial Design -. The honour was conferred for his work on design.

2010 Florence - Roberto Capucci is nominated Honorary Partner of the ADI - National Association for the Industrial Design -. The honour was conferred for his work on design. 2011 Philadelphia - The Council of the City of Philadelphia to recognize June 2, 2011 as "Roberto Capucci Day"  by the Councilwoman-at-Large Blondell Reynolds Brown and the President Anna C.Verna.
2011 Philadelphia - The Senator of Pennsylvania Lawrence M.Farnese congratulates Roberto Capucci for his artistic abilities.
2011 Philadelphia - The Honourable Michelle F. Brownlee, member of The House of Representatives of Pennsylvania, lauds Roberto Capucci.
2011 Philadelphia - U.S. Senator Pat Toomey honours Italian Designer Roberto Capucci to the City of Philadelphia and recognizes June 2, 2011 as "Roberto Capucci Day".
2011 Philadelphia - The City of Philadelphia officially recognize to Roberto Capucci for his artistic vision, - The Liberty Bell - the tribute given through the story even to foreigners, distinguished for their excellent ability.
2011 Philadelphia - Proclamation June 2, 2011 as "Roberto Capucci Day"  in Philadelphia by the Member of Congress of Pennsylvania Chaka Fattah.
2012 Rome - The Mayor of Rome Giovanni Alemanno awards to the Maestro Roberto Capucci the Lupa Capitolina, a great international recognition.  
Florence The Galleria del Costume of Palazzo Pitti Museum
Venice Fortuny Museum
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Rome Institute of Italian Encyclopedia founded by Giovanni Treccani
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